About Us

Welcome to Baby Belle Israel!

My name is Pearly and my family and I have been living in Jerusalem for almost five years! I graduated college with a degree in marketing/management. For a long time, it has been my dream to be an entrepreneur and have my own business.

As we all know, Israel is recognized as a place for growing families and having BABIES! Many new businesses have surfaced that cater to this growing sector, but I noticed a gap in the newborn baby market, specifically.
Baby Belle was created to accommodate this unique niche market. Baby Belle is an easy-access newborn gifting center (or company, or business). One can send newborn baby outfit sets to new moms in Israel from anywhere across the globe! 
 My goal is to provide beautifully packaged quality clothing and newborn baby accessories right to the new mom hassle-free.

I hope you enjoy your ordering experience as much as I enjoy preparing these adorable and useful sets as we share in the celebration of the new arrival 🤱

Love, Baby Belle